We’ve touched before on how believing you don’t have the income or assets to start saving or investing responsibly don’t really hold any weight. Because there isn’t a minimum for how much you need to save, you can start as low as you need to and just work your way up. And I’m not the only one who believes this. Just ask life coach and self-help author Tony Robbins, who sat down with USA Today and offered some pretty awesome advice, too. Check it out below.

  • Get out of a consumer mindset, and get into an investor’s mindset. Pick an amount or percent of your paycheck, and stick to it faithfully through times thick and thin.
  • Be knowledgeable and always educate yourself. Robbins warns that many investors fail to read the fine print in their contracts, and can wind up paying way more in fees. Robbins uses an example that shows how falling for the higher fees can wind up costing an investor hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Set a realistic goal. Don’t set a lofty one of “financial independence”. Find out how much you need, calculate it, and work towards it.
  • Diversify your assets. Know what you have and where to put it. Work out where to keep it safely, and where you can invest with risks.
  • Assets are nice, but should take a backseat to income. Learn how to liquidate some of them when necessary. After all, a great stock portfolio won’t buy your food or pay for gas.
  • Again, keep learning from the best. Read interviews, tips, and lectures from the top financiers.
  • Start now. Just do it. If you have some income, it’s not too late to begin thinking about your future wealth.