Accounting is one of the oldest skills necessary to success in the world. Throughout history, people have always sought out accounting professionals to make sure that their finances were correct. Governments relied on accountants and auditors to make sure that taxes were being smoothly and money was going where it needed to be just as much as business-owners relied on them to make sure they weren’t nearing insolvency. While the field is here to stay, it’s individual firms and accountants themselves that are at risk.

We are currently entering the future of business. Things are changing at speeds that couldn’t have been fathomed in the past and professions are becoming obsolete if they can’t update and adapt to new technologies and demands from clients; the way business is being done is different now than it was even 10 years ago. Throughout all of this, accountants have remained vital, plying their trade with new gadgets even though their task is millennia old. Do to the fact that people have always needed accountants, they won’t die out anytime soon. However technology is changing the way firms are hired and work is done and many accounting firms are reaching the point where they need to get with the program or risk losing valuable clientele and being seen as no longer useful.

Many well-known accounting firms are dealing with clients who are older and don’t use social media themselves. While this allows for the excuse that since the clients don’t use social media, the firm doesn’t need it either, it ignored the very real benefits that proper use of social media campaigns can bring. Along with gaining new positive press improving the reach of your brand, it’s a great way to make sure you’re still hiring the best of the best. Millennials and the younger generations are more keyed into social media than any previous generation. Capturing their attention and making sure that they’re on your side is key towards building a brand that will not only sustain itself, but also be on the cutting edge. Mobile is here to stay; history will vindicate those who adapt it early and use it well.