Far too often, we hear people talk about how much they want to save money, but how they’ll get around to it next time. The problem is, next time is always now, and if you have a job it is never too late to make some adjustments to your budget. The team over at the Art of Manliness examined three all too common excuses for not saving money, and I must say, one of them really stuck out for me:

I don’t make enough money.

That’s  quite the excuse. The reason it’s so head scratchingly confusing is that it’s predicated on the notion that there is, in fact, a “proper” amount to save. But as AoM’s Brett and Kate McKay point out, you don’t need to stash thousands or even hundreds of dollars into a savings account each paycheck. Just start with a small percentage– 5% is their suggestion– and work up slowly until you reach a more comfortable number, like 15%. All it really takes is getting used to the changes that come with an reduced immediate income. But trust me, your future self will thank you for it.